Tuesday PM - Girls 360° Skill Development

Tuesday PM - Goal Scoring Clinic

Dates: July 2nd - August 20th
Time: 8-9pm
Location: South Courtice Arena
Cost: $520

Train in game-like scenarios, develop better deception, and gain condifence in your skating abilities with and without the puck. One of the most underrated and neglected skills in hockey is hockey-sense. This class provides an advanced design, taking all the skills skaters will use during a game, and combining them into dynamic drills. This type of training will provide players with a better understanding of the skills they are learning and where they are applicable in a game, and develop increased hockey-sense.

Please Note: This is an 8 Week Program.

Event Event Date Location Available place Register
Girls 360° Skill Development: U15-U13 Rep 07-02-2024 8:00 pm South Courtice Complex 19