High Performance Camp

High Performance Camp

High Performance Camp
Dates: July 24th - 28th
Time:  11:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Location:  Campus Ice Center
Cost: $450.00
Includes: Limited edition jersey, dry-fit shirt, hat


This camp is programmed with the intention of preparing your son to make the jump to the next level; Junior hockey. Each 4.5 hour day will begin with a seminar from a guest speaker covering topics such as the importance of nutrition and off-ice training, how to impress OHL scouts, what it takes to earn a scholarship, and more. The players will then complete an hour-long workout, where they will build a foundation of sport-specific off-ice training. Prior to the on-ice sessions, coaches will use video to break down the skills and skating techniques that will be taught during each session. Each day will have a targeted focus on a specific skill, in which the first hour of skating will progress seamlessly into the second hour of skills and game-like situations. Snacks and sports drinks will be provided throughout the day to ensure each athlete is properly fuelled. We hope to equip your son with the tools necessary to achieve their goals and make the jump to the next level.

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