The Impact of Properly Fit Skates On the Mechanics of Your Skating Stride
This is the biggest and most important piece of equipment you will need to buy for your son/daughter in regards to playing hockey or Ringette.


What exactly is power skating???
'Power skating' is a term that is widely used and often misused. Power skating is a component of training skating and developing technique, power and speed for hockey and ringette players.


Big Bad Backwards V Stop
What is it? A stop while moving backwards that the player turns his/her toes out and stops with their feet in a “V “position. The player does this while remaining backwards.


Bryan Bickell’s Parents: ‘You’re the one who made it’ Bryan Bickell picks at the laces on his skates as he sits in front of his locker in the basement of the United Center.

"I think about it sometimes," he begins. The Blackhawks left winger goes quiet. He wants to taste these words before he lets them out. Bryan Bickell was supposed to be a twin.


Can very fast skaters get faster?

The answer is YES, they can be much faster and much more efficient allowing them to have more energy and speed at the end of their games. Skating at top speed... is all about applying pressure to the ice, using the right body positioning, making sure you have correct rhythm, timing and sequence of your movement, and moving your weigh in the right direction.



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